Why is My Vape Lighting Up But Not Hitting?

disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are fantastic since they’re simple to use. You are not concerned about upkeep or refills. You just open a new one when they’re done. The smoke shop in Addison is here to help if something goes wrong with your vaporizer. Regardless of the underlying issue, this tutorial will teach you how to fix a disposable vape that isn’t hitting. A disposable value’s straightforward design implies that malfunctions are often caused by a small number of variables. You can experience dry wicking, low battery life, air bubbles in the e-liquid, a blocked mouthpiece or air holes, or low juice. Your disposable pen is not hitting when the e-liquid runs out, or the battery dies. For everything else, though, there are a few easy remedies. Restarting the device after a ten-minute break or a little tap or shake usually works.

Why is My Disposable Cart Not Hitting?

Regardless of the type of pen or bar, there are several reasons why your vaporizer or disposable pen not hitting might not be operating correctly. Understanding the various components and how they interact might help you identify the problem. Following are some reasons to understand the problem

  1. Battery not working
  2. coils are wicking
  3. problem with the mouthpiece 

A vape, as you can see, has a rather straightforward construction. However, for it to function correctly, the mouthpiece, coils, and battery are all necessary. If there’s an issue with any of those, your vape is not hitting.

How to Fix a Disposable Vape That Won’t Hit?

The majority of disposable vapes are easy to use. All it takes to trigger them is breathing in. However, not every one of them will act in this manner. You might need to switch them on from time to time. If there is a button to turn it on, check the instructions. If so, the issue has been resolved.

Without electricity, you cannot vape! The juice cannot evaporate because the coils are unable to heat up. But be careful. A lot of disposable vapes are completely dark. Therefore, before discarding your gadget, investigate any other possible issues. Sadly, if your disposable vape’s battery dies, there’s no turning back. You’ll have to buy a new gadget.

How to Fix a Disposable Vape?

Even if your disposable vape is brand new, is it flashing or not on at all? You’ve found the right page, regardless of whether your disposable vape isn’t hitting, tastes burnt, or displays any other issues. Let’s first identify the main parts of your vaporizer that frequently malfunction before we go into troubleshooting your disposable. If you’re not having the desired vaping experience, there might be a few typical problems. So let’s examine the most common issues with disposable vaporizers and provide some viable fixes to help you get back on track.

  • Make Sure It’s Charged
  • Empty the Mouthpiece
  • Verify the E-Liquid Amount
  • Examine the airflow
  • Shake and Tap
  • Take a Break From Your Device

Brand New Disposable Vape Not Working

If your disposable vaporizer has never operated, it could have been assembled incorrectly by the manufacturer. Fortunately, with a little creativity and a pair of tweezers, that issue can be resolved. While this method might not be compatible with every disposable vaporizer, it will work with many vape pens that are increasingly popular.  Take off the mouthpiece from your disposable vaporizer by using a pair of tweezers. You will probably see a cotton pad with a hole in the middle underneath the mouthpiece. The pad’s purpose is to collect moisture and stop the gadget from spitting and gurgling.

How Do You Fix a Vape That Won’t Smoke?

Encountered an issue with a broken vape pen. It may be annoying, particularly with disposables that are supposed to be hassle-free. Fortunately, there’s good news before you allow your aggravation to get the better of you: most of the time, the remedy is easier than you may imagine. Because disposable vapes are mass-produced, sometimes a bad one will get through. It’s conceivable that the gadget you received is defective if you’ve tried all the above methods and still haven’t had success. Finally, think about sending the vaporizer back to the supplier or merchant. Exchanges are normally accepted in stores with confirmation of purchase. Online customers can return the item for a replacement or speak with the manufacturer directly.

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disposable vapes


Disposable vapes are renowned for being easy to use, although problems can occasionally occur. The best course of action to fix any issues with your disposable vape is to diagnose them and use the remedies Smoke Shop Addison has provided in this guide. In the worst-case scenario, when it seems that your vaporizer is beyond repair, now could be the time to think about replacing it. Many disposables and pod kits have proven to be more durable than what was marketed. Before buying a throwaway, do some research because vaping sites have a wealth of reviews accessible.

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