Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate

The Yocan Armor has our quartz twin coil innovation for the best mix of strength and taste retention and a robust 380mAh cell that enables you to smack to your most total capacity between this recharge. It can also pre-heat your ingredients so that you may constantly dab with a constant 1-minute stroke of warmth and warm it up the wires while you set your dabbing rigs on.  


  • 380mAh Battery Capacity
  • QDC Technology
  • 10-Second Pre-Heat Function
  • Preset Temperature Profiles
  • Fast USB Charging
  • Inclusive Dab Tool


The Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate was created for consumers constantly on the move. That’s why we gave it fast-charging capabilities and an excellent battery to go along with it. Its 380mAh battery capacity guarantees that you may vape for long periods between charges, so you don’t have to worry about searching for a power outlet every time you run out of juice.

Yocan Armor Fast Charging

The battery recharges via a USB charging cable so you won’t have to worry about getting near an outlet. As we’ve said, it was built to be ready. It comes with an inclusive USB charging cable that can be plugged in a wide variety of power sources including a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or even a video game console if you’re stuck at home. You can also connect the USB charging cable to a portable power bank if you need to juice your battery up when you’re out and about. The Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate is truly a dab pen that was born ready allowing you to consume your favorite wax concentrates whatever life throws ahead of you.

Simple Application

Yocan Armor’s Ultimate Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Pen was designed to be simple and refilled. There is only one controlling and operating button on the Yocan Armor. The Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate has a single operating lever that accesses and adjusts all parameters. This includes turning on and off the battery, changing the preset temperature settings, turning on and off the pre-heat feature, and turning on and off the heating.

Yocan Armor Customizable Power and Performance

One of the best things about using the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate is its ability to customize your sessions. While it may be small and compact, the Yocan Armor still offers a wide selection of temperature settings that’s not at all confusing. The preset temperature profiles are low at 3.0 volts, medium at 3.5 volts, and high at 4.0 volts allowing you to enjoy clouds that are flavorful to potent in quality. This means with just using one variety of wax concentrate, you can get various levels of highs keeping you lifted and elevated in more ways than one.


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