Watermelon Hookah Flavor

No need to thump test this watermelon. If it says "Fumari," it's good to go. The sweet taste of candied watermelon bursts with bright summer flavor in every puff of this hookah tobacco.

Hello, Texas Family, and welcome back to our monthly series, in which we spotlight tastes that will rekindle your passion for all things at Smoke Shop in TX. In this season’s spotlight, watermelon is your summertime notification!

Though summer may be drawing to a close relatively soon, we’re making the most of the last couple of days of weather with a bucket of Watermelon. But let’s be clear: our Watermelon is not a side dish. This candied take on the summer staple is bold from the first puff to the last, and it’ll prove it to you after just one session.

Food Pairings with Watermelon

Watermelon works with almost any summer meal, except a fresh slice of the real thing. However, you’ll be very disappointed if you don’t try at least one of them with your session:

  • Watermelon Salad along with Shrimp
  • Feta, Arugula, and Watermelon Salad
  • Watermelon Sorbet

Drinks that go well with Watermelon

What’s a summer send-off without a beautiful drink to accompany your Watermelon session? Here are a some of our suggestions that you must have on hand for your next workout:

  • Michelada – use a light beer and pile on the spices and lime! For added visual appeal, garnish with a piece of Watermelon.
  • Watermelon Sangria with Cucumber and Rosemary – add a splash of lemon/lime soda to your glass for a little additional zing.
  • Watermelon Mint Mimosas – instead of orange juice, combine fresh watermelon juice for the ultimate celebration cocktail!

Tobacco Mixes with Watermelon

While we appreciate Watermelon on its own, here are a few blends that showcase all we love about it:

  • A timeless favorite with 50 percent watermelon and 50 percent mint!
  • 60 percent watermelon, 40 percent Ambrosia
  • 50 percent watermelon, 50 percent Citrus Mint
  • 50 percent watermelon, 50 percent Guava
  • 70 percent watermelon, 30 percent Mojito Mojo
  • 70 percent watermelon, 30 percent Nectarine

60 percent watermelon, 40 percent Strawberry Jam


100 GRAMS, 1000 GRAMS


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