TOAST’D Half Baked THC Pre Rolls

The time of amazing hemp-derived THC flower is upon us. Toast’d Half Baked wanted to utilize this time to create some amazing high-potency THC blend pre-rolls!

Half Bak’d Toast’d Pre-Rolls is another excellent THC blend product from the Half Bak’d squad.  Half Bak’d understands that some users enjoy and prefer more discreet vapor products like their disposable, while others prefer a more traditional approach. That is where the Toast’d Collection comes in. Every pre-roll creation starts with a premium USA-grown hemp flower. This flower is infused with high-quality Delta 8 THC, THCP Caviar, and THC. This blend will provide users with the same effects as their 3g disposable but in a more traditional manner. Every pre-roll is rolled using organic hemp rolling papers and fitted with a RAW-branded joint filter tip! This ensures users use a healthier alternative while smoking their favorite THC flower.


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