Tangelo Tobacco Flavor

This California hybrid citrus is the perfect balance of sweet tangerine and mildly tart grapefruit. Yeah, Tangelo hookah tobacco is sounding good right about now.

Hello, Smoke shop family, and welcome to a new series we’d like to introduce here today.

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our first installment of this series than with Tangelo Tobacco Flavor! To all our ardent supporters, you will most likely recall your first puff of this absolute California dream. While it’s neither a grapefruit nor a tangerine, this spicy and sweet combination of the two fruits is meant to bring the sun and lifestyle of San Diego to you, no matter when or where you want hookah.

Our objective, as usual, is to provide you with something Strikingly Fresh while also ensuring that summer and the west coast feel are always present in your hookah, regardless of the season. Tangelo Tobacco Flavor IS your solution to keeping the cold at bay as we struggle through this harsh winter and yearn for those sunny days again. But don’t worry. From now through January 31st, 2020, with every purchase of Tangelo, you’ll get a FREE Beanie to maintain you extremely warm and comfortable as you enjoy this flavor.


While we recommend matching this taste with a citrus-forward beer like Blue Moon or Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin, individuals participating in Dry January may add a twist of orange zest to their Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea to truly kick up their morning hookah session.


However, a 25 percent Tangelo to 75 percent Citrus Tea is simply stunning. Tangelo divided 50/50 with White Peach is, nevertheless, our favorite blend. This blend provides an intense citrus kick, wonderfully balanced by the White Peach’s delectably sweet character, which will win over everybody in your proximity.

And with that, our dedication to Tangelo hookah Flavor comes to a close. Thank you for visiting and sharing your passion for this classic taste with us!


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