Sweet Mint Hookah Flavor

Keep your cool, and smoke it too. Fumari Sweet Mint hookah tobacco is a refreshing spearmint that comes on smooth and finishes sweet. Enjoy the long-lasting minty freshness with every breath.

Hello, Smoke Shop Family, and welcome to our monthly series featuring tastes that will reignite your passion for all things at our smoke shop in TX.

While Mint is a familiar flavor in our selection, Consider the typical spearmint gum flavor, but it’ll be fresher with each puff!

Tobacco Pairings with Sweet Mint

When matching with Sweet Mint Hookah Flavor, sticking on the indulgent and spicy side will work best for outdoor activities! Here are some of our personally liked flavors:

  • Grilled tenderloin (of your choice) marinated in a minty mojito combination
  • Lemon and spinach pasta with Mint, basil, and rosemary cream base

Pairings of Drinks

Apart from all of these delicious food options, it’s always crucial to stay hydrated throughout your workouts, and here’s what you should drink if you’re enjoying Sweet Mint Hookah Flavor:

  • Your greatest buddy will be an ice-cold glass of lemonade or a spicy mojito “mocktail” however, garnishing them with cucumber and even mint leaf ice cubes will undoubtedly get you that extra smoke style points!
  • A fruit and Mint white wine cocktail can keep the debate open all night for those who want to add some drink to the festivities!

Hookah Tobacco Mixes with Sweet Mint

We intended Sweet Mint Hookah Flavor to be the right partner for any flavor in our selection when it comes to mixes. But here are a few complicated and easy ones that are sure to sweeten your sessions:

  • Watermelon 70 percent, Sweet Mint 30 percent
  • 50 percent Blueberry Muffin to 50 percent Sweet Mint
  • 60 percent Spiced Chai to 40 percent Sweet Mint
  • Fifty percent French Vanilla to 50 percent Sweet Mint
  • 50 percent RGB to 50 percent Sweet Mint
  • 50 percent Caribbean Colada, 25 percent Sour Cherry

25 percent Sweet Mint; 60 percent Limoncello, 20 percent White Peach,


100 GRAMS, 1000 GRAMS


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