Summer Sorbetto Hookah Flavor

Cool down with a scoop of Summer Sorbetto's rich and sweet tropical hookah tobacco flavor in your bowl. It's summertime somewhere!

Hello, Texas Family, and welcome back to our Featured Flavor series, in which we spotlight tastes that will reignite your passion for all things at Smoke Shop in TX. In this month’s focus, Summer Sorbetto Hookah Flavor joins us for our formal send-off to the summer season.

Summer Sorbetto pays respect to the fact that, like us, most of your days have been spent enjoying some frozen treat or another throughout this scorching summer. While we like traveling downtown in our Ghiradelli’s triple scoop mint chocolate chip cones, we decided it was time for a change. Good day, Mango.

We set out to create a robust and sour sorbet based in the tropics that everyone can enjoy as we bid farewell to summer, with mangos fresh on our minds. Summer Sorbetto Hookah Flavor is here as a continual reminder of all your unforgettable memories. This season is just a hookah session away, sweet like a summer romance and sour like the knowledge your beach towels and BBQ tongs are being hidden away.

Tobacco Pairings with Summer Sorbetto

Apart from an ice-cold bowl of green tea mochi, we’ve been enjoying some fresh mango chips straight from the freezer as a snack as this flavor develops and the sunsets. Even though summer is officially over, we can vouch for how nicely a Jamaican jerk smoked chicken sandwich served on Hawaiian sweet bread can complement this flavor. If you’re looking for a more laid-back morning, we propose cooking a Mango Parfait to pair with your hookah and morning earl grey. Don’t forget that the discarded mango skin may also be an attractive and delectable addition to your hookah vase!

Mixes of Summer Sorbetto Hookah Tobacco

While Summer Sorbetto is delicious, check out some of our favorite blends for a Smoke Shop Vibe at your summer send-off party.

  • 60% Summer Sorbetto to 40% Limoncello
  • 50% Summer Sorbetto to 50% Mojito Mojo
  • 70% Summer Sorbetto to 30% French Vanilla
  • 60% Summer Sorbetto to 40% Citrus Mint
  • 50% Summer Sorbetto to 50% Caribbean Colada

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