Quick Light Charcoal

Quick Light Charcoal: Ideal for smoking and hookah sessions. Designed for easy ignition, providing a convenient and quick smoking experience. Available in 33mm and 40mm sizes.

Are you getting tired of waiting for your hookah session to start? Quick light coals may suffice. Thousands of hookah users throughout the world choose these as their preferred coal. Quick Light Charcoal for smoking and shisha is a specialized type of charcoal designed specifically for use in hookahs, shisha pipes, and smoking devices. It is a convenient and hassle-free option for enthusiasts who want to enjoy their smoking sessions without the need for extensive preparation or fire-starting equipment.

Unlike traditional charcoal which requires lighter fluid or other ignition aids, quick light charcoal has an integrated ignition mechanism. It typically comes in the form of small briquettes or tablets that are coated with a layer of flammable material. This coating allows the charcoal to catch fire easily when exposed to a flame or spark.



Ø 33 mm, Ø 40 mm


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