Orange Cream Hookah Flavor

This citrus hookah tobacco flavor will melt in your bowl with the rich taste of vanilla ice cream and a burst of fresh orange. It’ll make you want to scream for Fumari Orange Cream Flavor.

Hello, Smoke Shop Family, Because we celebrate Halloween with orange colors and delicious goodies, Orange Cream Hookah Flavor is the taste that reigns supreme – especially when paired with iconic horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street or even Scream!

The surprising and zesty twist ending of fresh orange sweetness to our creamy base taste makes this flavor one of our favorites. This flavor Screams at your palate with every puff; smooth, delicious, and evocative of a 50/50 ice cream bar. The only thing that can ruin this tobacco is running out of foil. To avoid the worst-case situation of running out of this flavor, each online order will come with a FREE Smoke 50 sheet pack of pre-poked foil.


When facing a monster movie marathon, a little liquid courage is a requirement, and any of these options, together with Orange Cream Flavor, will keep you safe:

  • A classic for a classic, Orange Wheat Ale. It’d be ideal for a corny zombie film.
  • Orange Hot Chocolate – Comfort in a glass, with a shot of Southern Comfort thrown in for good measure. You’ve earned it.
  • What’s not to love about Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier stacked nicely in a shot glass? You may not be able to sing Monster Mash in karaoke, but you will be a legend.
  • Punch with Candy Corn – Even though candy corn isn’t the most popular Halloween treat, this clever cocktail is everything. All you need for this one is orange soda, chilled pineapple pieces, and whipped cream, and it could just make you reconsider your view on this hugely divisive delicacy…


While creamsicles are usually our first pick for a refreshing bowl of tobacco, these autumn-inspired recipes have everything you need to get in the mood:

  • Orange Ambrosia Salad – Think of this particular flavor, but in the form of a delicious melon salad!
  • Orange Almond Flan – Fall wouldn’t be complete without a dessert, and this one is a winner.
  • Blood Orange Glazed Chicken – For a hauntingly fantastic BBQ experience, combine honey, blood orange zest, and your favorite spicy sauce in a marinade.


This taste may be used in any of our flavor combinations. Here are a few of our fans’ and employees’ favorites:

  • 70% this flavor and 30% Sweet Mint
  • 40% flavor cream to 60% white peach
  • 30% this flavor to 70% ambrosia
  • 40% this flavor to 60% Mochaccino
  • 30% this flavor to 70% mint chocolate

100 GRAMS, 1000 GRAMS


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