Naked 100 E-liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack (180mL)

Enjoy the best in fruit-flavored vapes with Naked 100's E-liquid combo pack, featuring Very Berry, Hawaiian Pog, and Amazing Mango in 60mL bottles. Save 10% by bundling and savor these delicious blends today!

The Naked 100 E-Liquid Best Sellers Combo Pack is the perfect way to experience the award-winning flavors of Naked 100 in one convenient bundle. This pack includes three 60mL bottles of their best-selling e-liquid flavors for 180mL of premium vape juice.

The first flavor in the combo pack is Hawaiian POG, a delicious blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava, perfect for vapers who love tropical flavors. The combination of best NAKED vape juice fruit flavors creates a smooth and refreshing vape for summertime.

The second flavor in the combo pack is Lava Flow, a mouth-watering blend of strawberries, coconut, and pineapple. The sweet flavors of the NAKED juice vape are perfectly balanced with the creamy coconut for a refreshing and satisfying vape.

The final flavor in the combo pack is Really Berry, a blend of ripe blueberries, blackberries, and a hint of lemon. Combining sweet and tart flavors creates a unique and refreshing vape for any time of day.

All three flavors are made with high-quality ingredients and come in 60mL bottles with child-resistant caps for safety. The e-liquids have a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, which provides a smooth and satisfying vape with dense clouds.

The best NAKED 100 flavors Combo Pack is perfect for vapers who want to try various flavors from one of the most popular e-liquid brands. It is also an excellent gift for a friend or loved one who enjoys vaping. With three delicious flavors, you will indeed find a new favorite in this combo pack.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 60ML of Hawaiian Pog E juice by Naked 100
  • 1 x 60ML of Very Berry E juice by Naked 100
  • 1 x 60ML of Amazing Mango E juice by Naked 100

Specs & Features

  • Hawaiian Pog
  • Primary Flavors:
    • Pineapple
    • Guava
    • Orange
  • Very Berry
  • Primary Flavors
    • Blackberry
    • Blueberry
    • Candied Lemon
  • Amazing Mango
  • Primary Flavors:
    • Mango
    • Peaches
    • Heavy Cream
Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG

Really Berry by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)

0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG, 12 MG


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