Modus Upper Cut Blend 2.0 CDT Pre Rolls

Smoke Shop is back with the 2nd generation of the Modus Upper Cut cartridges and disposables! The upgrades from the 1st generation include Cannabis Terpenes, new hand-selected strains, upgraded disposable vapes, and new child-resistant packaging.

Smoke Shop Modus Upper Cut pre-rolls are pre-filled. As soon as you remove them from the pack, they are operational. These are not refillable devices. You may continue vaping with the massively increased hemp-derived concentration since they are rechargeable.  Cartridges for the Modus Upper Cut are pre-filled. Most low-wattage, compatible batteries on the market today will fit them thanks to their design. Their function and fit with the Modus Battery are intended to be harmonious. Once the tank is empty, you must get rid of them since they cannot be filled again.


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