Modus Tap Out Blend

Smoke Shop TX's recently released Tap Out Blend produces tasty puffs with equal intensity. To provide you with a strong and euphoric high, the Modus Tap Out mix is made with a carefully chosen combination of premium cannabinoid extracts and cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT).

Every one of our products, including our cartridges, is made with the quality and attention to detail that characterizes the Modus brand, with the goal of delivering reliable and enjoyable hits. Delta 11, THC-X, Delta 8 Liquid Diamonds, THC-B, and CDT make up the Modus Tap Out Blend. These extracts are from premium hemp plants cultivated in the US. Tap Out offers candies, cartridges, and disposable vaporizers with a 2000–3000 mg cannabis extract content. This hybrid strain combination is available in seven delectable profile strains: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.


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