Modus Knock Cut Blend 2.0 CDT Pre Rolls

The second generation of Modus knock-cut blends is here. Notorious for their powerful effects, Modus is the originator of the Cannabis Knock cut Line. Smoke Shop’s Knock cut devices are packed with pure, potent hemp extracts.

They’re designed to heat the oil/concentrate at a precise temperature to give you the purest, most flavorful, and most satisfying puffs. This second-generation knock-cut device includes Cannabis-Derived Terpenes for added flavor and effect! In the Modus Knock Cut Blend 2.0 CDT, we have also upgraded the packaging to child-resistant packaging and added new strain flavors. Modus are the originators of the knockout devices. These upgrades continue to cement Modus knock-cut devices as the most unique and powerful Delta products you’ll find on the market today.


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