Mochaccino Hookah Flavor

Take a break with the full-bodied aroma of Fumari’s Mochaccino hookah Flavor. A bold, roasted coffee flavor with notes of rich, creamy cocoa on the exhale. The café is just a hookah bowl away.

Hello, Smoke Shop Family; Mochaccino Hookah Flavor is this year’s brew of choice in this spotlight. We could use a cup of tea or coffee to get over the day’s job and put the Smoke Taste Laboratory going smoothly, and we generally have a cup of tobacco to go with it. We set out to thank all of you early risers in the best manner we knew how, with a bowl of stunningly fresh deliciousness, with high notes of decadently creamy mocha and the powerful aromatics of crisp brewed coffee.

Each of these flavor purchases from now will get 20 pieces of our Drago tongue pieces to keep your experiences spotless and a Smoke Face Mask for safety with a Smoke flair.

Tobacco Pairings with Mochaccino Hookah Flavor

While coffee, in general, may appear to be a black-and-white proposition when it comes to pairings. Mochaccino tobacco lends itself to a wide range of ambitious fine dining as well as daily alternatives for everybody to enjoy. Here is a handful you won’t be able to start the new year without:

  • Chocolate and Coffee Toffee Muffins for a Smoke-style start to your day.
  • A nightcap session’s best companion is a molten mocha cake with juicy raspberries.

The options are unlimited, especially when it comes to alcohol. A Guinness and a Left-Hand Milk Stout Nitro will do the trick and bring out the mocha in your tobacco. A Peppermint Mocha White Russian, on the other hand, will bring out more of the rich cream flavors in the taste. For wine lovers, however, stick to deeper reds like Apothic Dark or a handmade blend like Daou for the ultimate amplifier; the dark scents in this flavor will adore it!

Hookah Tobacco Mixes Mochaccino Hookah Flavor

In terms of combining possibilities, Mochaccino works well with almost all of our flavors, but any of these combinations will make your local barista jealous:

  • 40 percent Mint Chocolate Chill, 60 percent this tobacco
  • 50 percent Orange Cream, 50 percent this tobacco
  • 30 percent French Vanilla, 30 percent Sour Cherry, and 40 percent this tobacco
  • 70 percent this tobacco, 30 percent Sweet Mint
  • 70 percent this tobacco, 30 percent Spiced Chai
  • 40 percent Mint Chocolate Chill, 60 percent this tobacco

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