Tuck Shop Dinner Lady watermelon slices | 60mL

Dinner Lady - Watermelon Slices is a luscious watermelon juice infused with a delightfully fizzy candy flavor.
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The Dinner Lady Salts Watermelon slices contains fruit combinations that are inspired by nostalgic flavours from the past, offers watermelon slices among its assortment of sweets.

Dinner lady tuck shop watermelon slices are well-known and adored for producing a realistic smoking sensation with a smooth vape, high flavor intensity, and long-lasting hit because they are made from tobacco leaves.

The 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths of Dinner Lady Nic Salts allow for the delivery of larger nicotine concentrations without becoming too harsh on the throat.

All Dinner Lady watermelon slices are finished goods that comply with MHRA and TBD regulations and are produced in the United Kingdom. Here in the UK, Dinner Lady runs strong Quality Control Measures in clean room labs and cutting-edge operational facilities.


Most mods and vapes that have a low wattage option are compatible with Nic salts.

For mouth-to-lung inhalation that most closely resembles smoking, use Dinner Lady Watermelon Slices 50:50 Nic Salts in devices with a low wattage and higher ohm coil, such as basic pen-style devices and refillable pod vape kits.


Specification of dinner lady tuck shop watermelon slices:

the Box in which the Dinner Lady Salts Watermelon slices comes in is recyclable and leaflet. The size of the bottle is 10ml. in addition to that the strength of the nicotine are 10mg and 20mg. the safety feature it contains are child proof cap and temper evidence seal. 

Moreover when buying dinner lady watermelon slices you are going to get 1 watermelon slices juice of 10ml, 1 original packaging which is flat packed for postage and 1 safety leaflet.

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