Delta 8 Hemp Flower – Headband OG Strain

Discover Headband OG strain, derived from headband Delta 8 THC. A terpene-rich hybrid of ACDC and raisin berry, offering flavors of chocolate, red wine, lemon, and wine, with an earthy and citrusy essence.

Multiple Characteristics of Headband OG Strain

Headbands are trendy due to their high-quality terpenes and rich content. Headband Delta contains 6.8% Delta 8 THC and 17% CBD content; hence headband potency increases from 25%. As a result, the Headband OG strain includes the most potent effects. Afterwards, when the flower is fully grown, delta 8 is added to it. Moreover, Smoke Shop develop delta 8 with 0% solvent involvement. When buds completely absorb D8, CBD kief is added to its mixture. As a result, a performance boost is given so terpenes can perform optimally. Lastly, CBD flowers are added into a concentration that completes the whole fusion of D8 into buds.

Can you get high from Delta 8 Hemp?

Delta 8 hemp has the same intoxicating effects as D9; however, the uplifting you will experience will be less aggressive and intense than D9.

What delta 8 flower gets you the highest?

Lifted Urb Delta-8 Caviar Flower has the highest level of potency ratio. It has a lethal combination of delta 8 THC with CBDA, giving you the best highs of your life.

What happens when you smoke Delta 8 flowers?

Smoke shop in TX collects its Delta 8 flowers from the best and top-notch farmers. So If you smoke one of our Delta 8 flowers, you are going to the next dimension of uplifting. Get our headband OG strain now and see what we are talking about.

Benefits of using headband Delta 8

Regarding Delta 8 headband benefits, we have a long list of advantages. However, some of the primary key points are:

  1. hemp headbands give users a happy and relaxing video.
  2. Headbands OG strain Provides the smoking veteran with a smooth smoking experience.
  3. Moreover, the Delta 8 headband helps you with your loss of appetite.
  4. Headband OG strains are also a great pain and stress reliever.


  • Sativa-Hybrid strain
  • Combat elevated stress levels
  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief

Suggested Use:

  • Smoke
  • vape
  • Cook
  • bake


Headband has the flavors of lemons and diesel.


  1. Delta 8 – 39.42%
  2. CBD – 11.27%

3.5g, 7g, Preroll


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