Cloud Nurdz Collection - Grape Apple, freshly picked apples and sweet grapes makes for a potent succulent grape e-liquid. It is a delectable flavor that is brimming with juicy content Grape Apple is just too good to only try once. As you exhale, the crisp and slightly tart notes of ripe apples come into play, complementing the grape flavor perfectly. The apple undertones add a layer of complexity to the overall profile, giving the e-liquid a well-rounded and dynamic taste.

Grape Apple by Air Factory is a delightful e-liquid flavor that combines the sweet and tangy notes of grapes and apples to create a truly satisfying vaping experience. This carefully crafted blend offers a balanced fusion of two popular fruits, resulting in a flavor profile that is both refreshing and delicious.

The inhale brings forth the succulent taste of juicy grapes, providing a burst of sweetness that dances on your taste buds. The natural grape flavor is vibrant and authentic, capturing the essence of ripe, plump grapes freshly picked from the vineyard.

Air Factory – Grape Apple Features:
100mL Chubby Unicorn Bottle
Child Resistant Cap
70% VG
30% PG
Synthetic Nicotine Formulation
Made in USA
Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size

100 ML


O MG, 6 MG


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