Citrus Tea Tobacco Flavor

Accompanying the citrus infusion is the soothing presence of tea. The subtle and herbal undertones of tea complement the citrus flavors, bringing a sense of tranquility and depth to the vape. The tea essence adds a smooth and mellow character to the overall profile, contributing to a well-rounded and satisfying taste. Lastly, the e-liquid incorporates the richness of tobacco, adding a layer of complexity to the blend. The tobacco notes bring a hint of smokiness and earthiness, creating a satisfying depth that appeals to those who enjoy the nuances of tobacco flavors.

Citrus Tea Tobacco Flavor is a unique and captivating e-liquid that combines the refreshing elements of citrus fruits, the soothing essence of tea, and the rich complexity of tobacco. This flavor profile offers a sophisticated blend that caters to vapers who enjoy a balance of fruity, herbal, and smoky notes in their vaping experience.

With each inhale, you’ll experience the invigorating and bright flavors of various citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit. These citrus notes provide a tangy and zesty twist that adds a refreshing and revitalizing touch to the overall flavor. The citrus infusion uplifts your senses, creating a vibrant and energetic vaping experience.


It should go without saying that a cup of iced Tea, or any hot tea, combined with a Citrus Tea hookah Flavor session is a combination made in heaven, especially for those who are enjoying a dry start to the year! However, we have some fantastic full-spirited choices for you as well:

  • Moscato Ginger Iced Tea – This mix is FRESH in many ways, and the ginger’s punch complements Citrus Tea like a “best tea.”
  • Tea-Quila – While a basic drink of reposado tequila and lemon tea may appear easy, trust us when we say it’s worth a try.
  • Spiked Arnold Palmer – This traditional tea and lemonade combination is delicious.
  • Jasmine Green Tea – in addition to all of the lively varieties mentioned above. Jasmine Green Tea lends itself to the citrus and black tea qualities exceptionally well with Citrus Tea throughout the winter months, and anybody along with your session may enjoy it.


  • 50% Citrus Tea to 50% Orange Cream
  • 30% Citrus Tea to 70% Tangelo
  • 50% Citrus Tea, 30% Island Papaya, 2% Guava
  • 20% Citrus Tea Tobacco Flavor, 40% Lemon Loaf, 40% Watermelon

100 GRAMS, 1000 GRAMS


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