Blaze Pre Rolls

Smoke Shop’s Blaze Pre-Roll is crafted from only the finest clean, green-certified cannabis. Our premium flower is grown under the vibrant sun, where it’s sustainably nourished by organic soils and mineral-rich spring water.
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The mature flower is then slow-cured to unlock its optimal terpene profiles, flavor, and potency before finally being hand-trimmed and rolled up in all-natural paper simple as that. With no shake and no compromises, Blaze pre-rolls have harnessed a better way to pre-roll. So, saddle up and experience the cleanest, most enjoyable high nature has to offer.  Blaze Pre-Rolls were dreamed up for those who enjoy an elevated experience. We believe the best cannabis is sun-grown, clean, and sustainable, with a well-rounded blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. We strive to protect our planet by working with nature rather than against it and by giving back as much as we can. That’s why we sponsor a local animal sanctuary and welcome their horses to graze freely on our farm. You can help, too, with a generous portion of every Pure Blaze purchase going toward protecting animals in need.


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