Fumari – Banana Custard – 100ml

Now here’s a dessert flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fumari’s Banana Custard hookah tobacco combines the taste of ripe banana and creamy custard into a mouthwatering classic. What are you waiting for? Pack a bowl and go bananas.

Hello, Smoke Shop Family; we’re requesting a dessert menu and introducing you to your new guilty pleasure: Banana Custard Tobacco Flavor!

Like our other dessert-focused flavors, this flavor is inspired by our sweet taste while respecting the uncontested king of custards. This flavor has a delightfully ripe, true-to-life banana that blends beautifully with our rich cream-like base. Aside from these elements, a subtle spice flavor balances off the sweetness and gives the Banana its Smoke flare. You can understand why this has been called the “Second Helping” at Smoke Headquarters since we can never smoke one of these during our sessions!

Tobacco Pairings with Banana Custard Hookah Flavor

Breakfast’s Closest Mate is Banana Custard Tobacco Flavor, which aligns with the actual word. Graham biscuits, Nilla chips, Banana snacks, Oatmeal walnut biscuits, Banana cupcakes, and Bread pudding are all great snacks to have on board. Banana custard tobacco flavor works excellent with your daily coffee or tea while you plan your morning! Try a freezing Mojito, a frosty cocktail, or even Well’s Bread pudding beer for adult drinks.

Still, our favorite complement to this flavor is a mixture of Bacardi’s Banana Sangria, Rumchata, and Kahlua, which tries to amplify all that we’ve put forth herein taste only in a liquid state. Just remember to finish it with a rim of blended Cinnamon Sugar Cheerios and Banana Nuts for extra smoke extra credit!

Banana Custard Mixed with Hookah Tobacco

It’s an exaggeration to say that this tobacco flavor is delicious. Still, for you, Shisha Chefs who live on combinations, here are a couple we enjoyed in our Smoke Bakery testing sessions:

  • 70% this flavor to 30% lemon loaf
  • 60% this flavor to 40% spiced chai
  • 50% this flavor to 50% Caribbean Colada
  • 70% this flavor to 30% Orange Cream

100 GRAMS, 1000 GRAMS


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