Ambrosia Hookah Flavor

In Greek Mythology, drinking Ambrosia was believed to make you immortal. With its smooth, sweet ambrosia hookah tobacco flavor with smoke so thick and delicious, you’ll be a modern-day god of the clouds.
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The flavor of melon and luscious, creamy orange is combined with a sticky, sweet marshmallow flavor to create the mouthwatering essence of Ambrosia salad in the Fumari Ambrosia shisha tobacco. This is one of Fumari’s top sellers is hardly surprising. It is offered in an accessible resealable bag that encourages the long-term preservation of the rich ambrosia flavor and freshness.

Ambrosia Hookah Tobacco Fumari

One of the best hookah tobaccos available, Fumari Ambrosia Tobacco is gradually approaching the top spot in terms of popularity. To ensure that your Fumari tobacco arrives fresh and stays fresh, all Fumari shisha is wrapped in a resealable pouch. Fumari shisha is best consumed with natural type coals to produce a silky smooth smoke.

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